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We are selling Plastic Modular Belt Flush Grid 1000 (D) with sprockets and accessories.

Plastic Modular Belt FFGP1000 | Trindo Sukses Mandiri
Ilustrasi Ukuran Plastic Modular Belt FFGP1000 | Trindo Sukses Mandiri


Belt Type Materials Temperature Rangedry Temperature Rangewet Working Load Straight(max | N/m (21 °C)) Working Load Curved(max | N) Weight(kg/m2) Backflex Radius(min - mm)
FFGP1000 POM 4 to 80 4 to 65 22000 - 5.42 25

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  • Dynamic Transfer System for complete elimination of dead pates at 90 degree transfer, creating self-clearing transfers.

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