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We are selling Multiflex Chains 1702 With Pushers with sprockets and accessories.

Multiflex Chain 1702 With Pushers | Trindo Sukses Mandiri
Ilustrasi Ukuran Multiflex Chain 1702 With Pushers | Trindo Sukses Mandiri


Chain Type Plate Width(mm) Weight(kg/m) Sideflex Radius(min) Working Load(max | N (21 C)) Backflex Radius(min) Plate Thickness(mm)
1702L 53.2 1.55 150 2670 50 -

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Side Flexing

Pin Material:

Stainless steel

Standard Lenght:

3.05 m = 10 feet (61 links)

Conveyor Maximum Lenght:


related accessories

    No related accessories.

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